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Housekeeping:  Unless otherwise agreed, no cleaning service is provided, but guests have access to 2 vacuum cleaners, sweeping brush, mop, etc., etc., as well as an adequate supply of bin bags  and cleaning materials.Guests staying for 2 or more weeks, will be provided with fresh bedding and towels, together with any other utilities required, on a weekly basis.

Smoking: Careful, considerate smokers are welcome, but smoking is permitted only in the lounge and dining room areas.

Pets: Pets are welcome, also, but please keep them under control, and clean up after them, both in, and out of, the house.

Parking:  The driveway will accommodate 3 cars and REVERSING DOWN is recommended.  Parking is also available on the roadway, but please avoid obstructing other traffic.

Phone:  Phone calls are available to, and from, the house  payphone  - 44 (0)1337/840372.

Broadband Connection:  Free Internet access (2GB total monthly download maximum) for wireless enabled laptops, via BT Internet / Yahoo anywhere within the building, or on the terrace.

Electrical System:   System will ‘trip’ in the event of an appliance fault, bulb failure, or overload.  Re-set switch is located in the cloakroom. (See attached location plan). In the event of a power failure, tea lights, matches and a torch will provide temporary sources of light.

Central Heating System:  Set at 20 degrees and continuous running.  If necessary, re-set thermostat to your own, optimum comfort level or, if switched off, use the immersion to access hot water (see attached location plan).

Fire Precautions:  There are smoke alarms throughout the house and those of the first floor landing and front door are high intensity light versions to identify an escape route if these areas are smoke filled.  If using the open fire in the master bedroom, please make use of the fireguard provided.  A fire blanket, fire extinguisher, torch and emergency first aid box are located in the kitchen. In the event  of fire, dial 999 immediately and, if the blaze cannot be extinguished by the limited means at your disposal (e.g. the fire blanket and fire extinguisher), close all doors, evacuate the property immediately, assemble on the driveway, and await the arrival of Fife Fire & Rescue Service personnel. N.B. Family heads/group leaders should ensure that all members of their family/group are accounted for after evacuation, that residents of the adjoining property are alerted to the potential danger, and parked cars are removed from the driveway.

Doctor/Medical Services:   Exceptionaly good medical services in the village Health Centre are provided by Drs. Booth, Devereux, Murray and staff. These can be accessed, subject to case load, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday to Friday, by phoning - 01337 840462 - and explaining your visitor status. Outwith these hours, and at weekends, emergency cover is provided by NHS24, the contact number for which is - 08454 24 24 24. Nearest hospitals are - Perth Royal Infirmary (01738 623311), and Ninewells Hospital, Dundee (01382 660111).

Dental Surgery:   The local dentist is Mr. Peter Macdonald, who can be contacted on - 01337 840300. However, since this is a very busy practice, treatments/consultations cannot be guaranteed, and it may simply be a case of phoning other dental practitioners in the Cupar/Perth areas to establish whether or not any has an appointment free. As a last resort, the A. & E. Department at Perth Royal Infirmary may be able to offer emergency treatment.

Emergency 999 Service:  When contacting police, fire, ambulance or coastguard services via the 999 service, your address is – Abbotshill House, Monkswell Road, Newburgh, KY14 6AF. All such emergency calls from`the pay phone are FREE. The operator will normally have access to ‘caller ID’ but, if you are asked for the number from which you are calling, quote – 01337 840372.

Veterinary Services: For those guests who have brought their pet/s along, we have a very capable, caring, conscientious and experienced local Vet, in the person of Claire Poole.  Her surgery, at 150 High Street (Tel: 01337  841010) is open:
9 a.m. – 10 a.m. / 5 p.m. - 6 p.m. Weekdays  (5 p.m. - 7 p.m. Thursdays) 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. Saturdays
A ‘ no appointments’ system is in operation, but, for house calls/emergencies, Claire should be contacted on - 01337  870381.

Local Shopping:   There are grocery shops, bakeries, off licences, a small coffee shop, an art gallery, a newsagents (main local papers are – The Dundee Courier, The Perthshire Advertiser and the Fife Herald), several antique shops, a Post Office/stationers, butcher shop, Chinese restaurant, pharmacy, hairdressers, and numerous pubs in the village. In addition,  full banking services, and an ATM facility, are available from the local branch of Royal Bank of Scotland. For mainstream supermarket facilities, and more specialist shopping, you must, of course, travel further afield, to either Perth, Cupar, Dundee, St. Andrews or Edinburgh. Wherever possible, however, please endeavour to support our local shops for, indeed, they offer a good range of essentials at reasonable prices, are absolutely critical to the infrastructure of the village, and, as the saying goes …..  if we don’t use them … we lose them!